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Spaceships will some day be like buying a home.

Science and technology to help make our life better.

Robot technology in space, on other planets and here on earth.

A message from klotzwarehouse: It's been a pleasure doing business with you all. We greatly appriciate all the years we've been able to help out fellow riders.

we will support the new dirt bikes using new fuels and new engines being designed today as well as for the future.

We no longer sell patrolium based oils or fossel fuels of any type anymore. We have moved on to alternative fuels.

we will now support the new atlernative fuels, solar, and space programs, minning asrtros and bringing fuels and materials from new sources as well as bring new jobs to the Untied states and the rest of the world. making things better for all (everyone).



new fuels



hydrogen cars


hydrogen cars and Electric are now on the streets

Solar links coming soon

Rocket Engines VS New Engines for space

Electric and Hydrogen Cars links Coming soon